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December 03, 2014


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Nichole Heady

So beautifully written, as always Cath! I will never forget all of the time and effort we put into each and every PC101 column! I can't imagine having worked with anyone else on that venture! I often miss having an excuse to email you on a regular basis! Thank you for all of your contributions to the paper crafting industry as a whole as well as my career. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from one of the best! xoxo Nichole

Julia Stainton

Gorgeous hand cutting Cath! You have the patience of Job! So happy to read something you've written again but so sad on the occasion. Paper Crafts was a huge part of my creative life until the past year and it's almost inconceivable that we need to say farewell. Thanks for your part in making Paper Crafts the wonderful magazine and source of inspiration it has been to me!

Karolyn at Paper Therapy

This is just perfect . . .beyond. <3


I was so crushed when I read that they were closing up shop- I'm so sorry to see such a talented crew go their separate ways. Thank you for all of your contributions to it!

Alice Golden

Lovely Cath! It's impossible to think of PaperCrafts without thinking of you - you were such a driving force in helping to shape the magazine into what it became. It is sad to think of it as the end of an era. I'll be forever grateful for all the wonderful friendships and memories that resulted from my ties to the magazine. Thanks for everything!

Vera W. Yates

Cath, when I think of PC, I think of you as well. You're such a big part of it. Without you, there's no Moxie Fab. Love your post and I am grateful that I get the chance to meet you in person. BTW, that cut out is simply amazing!! So detailed.


*Gasp* That paper cut is out of this world, Cath, and so are you! It's been delightful to read you again, and to walk down memory lane with the beautiful post you've put together.
Guess what? In the midst of all farewells and memories that today invade blogland, I read the best definition of you. It is by Cristina Kowalcyk (who else?). She defined you as the "Papercrafting spiritual guide". And I agree 100% and am thankful for social media that allows all of us to keep connected. I send you the biggest of hugs, my friend!

Betsey Terry

Oh Cath!! You made me cry!! So beautifully written and portrayed through your pictures!! I hope something anything brings you all together creatively again!!


pssttt...don't tell anyone but I have been hopping along, in order, you're #154 and your post...this post...made me get all weepy. Do you know why? You made such a impression on me when I met you for the first time at a winter cha. YOU remembered MY name. I followed the MFW blog and was always so inspired by your posts on the blog and FB, you always were having so much fun. This post just summarizes everything. I love all the memories and photos you shared and seriously, your paper cutting rocks.

Pam Spradlin

I thought it was so very sad when you left...so thank you for this post. I am thankful that I subscribed to the magazine and I will miss it. And yet I will still look for inspiration from some of these ladies that you mentioned as I follow their blogs. Makes one feel like they have lost their best friend. Stay healthy Cath...you have inspired loads of us with your Moxie Fab!

Virginia L.

Thanks so much for sharing the memories down the lane, Cath! Like many in the blog world, I have missed you...I so missed your wonderful guidance and insights. Please continue to show your vital presence over FB and your blog! Your paper-cutting is out.of.this.world. I sincerely hope that you are keeping well. Sending you big hugs!

Eveline van Heijst

I must be very hard to say goodbye to the great magazine. I really liked reading your post and your thoughts.

Donna Polley

Tough day for so many paper crafters.So glad there is this blog hop to help us remember all of the wonderful creative things we have gleaned from Paper Crafts as well as the talented people who made it so wonderful. I thank you all for helping me to think outside my box and try new things.


Lovely, heartfelt post, Cath!

Nancy Ward

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories. I miss you and I will surely miss this great magazine.

donna mikasa

What a fabulous post, Cath! Thank you for sharing your happy memories.


I knew your post would be dynamite and I wasn't disappointed, Cath! It was beautiful and so is your outstanding card of love!! Hugs, Darnell

Tracey McNeely

Funny how I knew I needed to visit here today, what a beautiful post to capture your memories. Will miss PC & S and still miss you!

linda callahan



Oh my, Cath! Super fun and ever so sweet project and post! Love all the awesome pics!

Michelle W

What a beautiful post, Cath! You always have such a lovely way with words. I will miss PaperCrafts Mag so much, just as I have been missing you (has it been a year already?) Your paper-cutting skill is out of this world amazing! :-)

Jenny Martin

I still miss you Cath and I will miss this wonderful magazine! Your words are beautiful, the photos show how much fun you all had and your paper cutting is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!


I'm sad to see this magazine go. I looked forward to it each month and would read and re-read it over and over. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.


what a blast you must have had!! gorgeous card!!

Lin Brandyberry

So good to read your words again, Cath. Loved your thoughts, the photos, but most of all that fantastic paper-cut! Holy cow!

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