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May 09, 2012


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auntie em (emily)

Nothing is more tiring than constant pain. Hope you are able to recover soon and get back to doing all the things you love to do...even housework has it's charm when you are feeling good.
Now, off to check out your article. Take care you don't overdo so at least you are able to post on MFW!!! :)

Marie Butler

Hope the surgeon has a realistic and doable solution. And that your recovery is swift and complete.

Cynthia Daversa

Hoping your pain is gone ASAP! I can feel for you, Moxie fab sister! I wish for you a quick solution and speedy recovery! Pain stinks!


I have heard that kind of injury can be so painful. I am so sorry you are going through it. I bet it will be a relief to get it taken care of and move on doing things you like to do -- and yes, vacuuming! :-)

Eveline van Heijst

I enjoyed your rant, we don't have baggers over here so that saves us a lot a trouble. I bring two collapsable crates to the store to put my shopping in and that works fine.
Good luck with your shoulder.

Jean Marmo

I hope you can get some relief soon. I can only imagine the pain. Hoping you hear good news from the surgeon.

Virginia L.

I truly hope the shoulder issues will be resolved soon. It has been so hard on you with the mobility problem that caused by this. I am glad that someone brings that insightful grocery-bagging article to some well-deserved attention.I miss reading it the first time around. It's beautifully written (with wit and humor) and is still 100% relevant to us here (in Canada,too) even after 3 years! YOU are an inspiration is so many ways, Cath!

Alice Roushia

I feel your pain, there is nothing like the pain when you go to put clothes on, take a shower, fix your hair, etc.,.... I have had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. I had my 1st one done in 2003 and the other in 2005. and there is not a day that goes by that I am still in pain. Here's praying that you don't have to have surgery and the pain eases up. Take it easy and God Bless.

Kathi R

I hope you finally have good positive news that they can definitively can fix your shoulder.

Off to go read your article!

Helen F.

Prayers and well wishes coming your way, Cath!

Christina MacLaren

I hope you find comfort for your shoulder injury soon, Cath! I can't imagine the frustration of being unable to do your normal activities without pain, but I'm amazed at how you continue to keep us all inspired and upbeat in the Moxie Fab World despite having to struggle to even type. Thanks so much for all you do!


Cath, I hope the surgeon has a solution that will completely relieve you of your pain. I know chronic pain is a pain in the you-know-what and how it affects every little aspect of your daily life. I will be thinking & praying for you. And I love your article! So glad more people will get to enjoy your writing.


So sorry that the treatments for your shoulder do not seem to be working. Hopefully surgery will bring you back to "normal". Have so missed your presence on this blog.

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