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September 06, 2011


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Kate (i {heart} papers)


Tina M

All I can say is wow. That was beautiful and I am so happy that you shared...thank you.

marty ferraro

dear cath,
thank you for writing so eloquently about your life and struggles with changes. as you know, i too struggle with the challenges of relocation, losing close proximity to family and friends. i have decided that friendship is like a big tree. it takes time to grow, but that time also provides the deep roots that only longstanding friendships have. keep thinking and working and enjoying this next chapter in your lives. thanks for sharing!
marty ferraro


Sounds like you accomplished much this summer!


Mmmm, sounds like a GOOD summer. :-) And it sounds like you are feeling more at peace. That's good. Thanks for sharing, Cath.



Hermes kelly Birkin

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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