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September 26, 2011


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Sandra ltb

spoken like a true mom .... I feel your angst.


Love those beautiful daughters of yours!

Helen F.

Wonderful post, beautiful daughters, Mom!


wow-completely feel where you are coming from. You succintly put into words what I am feeling with my own two daughters.


Very thought provoking..........so many of us have gone through the same thing with our own daughters. Hang in there!


I follow your path with my kids, too. I am getting more and more used to this new routine!


Wow! My heart is swelling in response to this post. Such love. Such insight. Your girls are sure to find wonderful paths, knowing that they have their safe harbour with you whenever it is needed.


The song of your heart, beautifully sung, to the loves of your life. Thank you!


I have tears of recognition in my eyes.

Marlena M

You're going to make me cry. Thank you for sharing your heart, Cath.


Amen, Sister, Amen!

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