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August 01, 2011


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Vanessa Menhorn

Beautiful post, Cath! I hope we'll get some summer here finally! Summer used to mean to me visiting my Grandparents in Sicily, being spoiled with ice-cream for breakfast, eating huge slices of watermelon (my great-grand-dad used to say: good to appease thirst, good to appease hunger and good to wash your hands), eating figs warmed by the sun directly from the trees, staying at the beach all day long, impatiently waiting for my parents to finish their siesta during the hot midday hours, smelling the heavy fragrance of the jasmine bushes and lemon trees, hearing the loud snoring of my grandfather through the open windows - I could go on and on like this...
Now summer means to me: Enjoying time in our garden with that little wild girl of mine, playing hide and seek, eating ice-cream and fruits, jumping on the trampoline, harvesting the green beans and zucchini, cutting delicate sweet peas for our vases, hoping to see some fireflies in the night...
Summer can't be long enough for me! Thanks for sharing this, Cath, I enjoyed it very much! Vanessa x


Summer use to mean playing all day with the neighborhood kids, riding bikes to the local pool, playing touch tag, picking fresh fruit off your trees, going camping or to the beach..or running thru the sprinklers :-)...Running after Ice Cream man, making popcorn and watching TV with my parents in the evenings, having bbques with family, vacations....Ooooh that was a trip down memory lane......now summer means taking the grandkids swimming, to Turtle Bay,playing with my flowers, and more crafting.. the heat bothers me more in my older age so if it gets over 100 I'm usually a pooper!!!


"School's out" has to be the best part of summer! By the way, are we going to hear about your daughter's visit?

Kathy W

Summer means fresh produce, especially here in Vermont. Peaches, corn, blueberries, tomatoes and more....my goal is to get berries and corn in the freezer before August is gone. Learning all about maple creemees since we've moved here.

Helen F.

Beautiful post, Cath. This summer certainly was different for me this year, but every day of my life will be different from now on. in the past, Summers always meant trips "out of hazy-hot-humid FL" and into New England for visits with family and friends....so enjoy the coast of ME and NH during August!
PS: Hope you didn't have any damage or major problems with Irene!


Now that August is over, did you get through your list? :-)
I loved your description of Summer as a child, it reminded me of my own Summers gone by.

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