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June 12, 2011


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Kate (i {heart} papers)

This made me so happy to read. :)

marty ferraro

oh, cath.
you have such a lovely way with words. i understand how difficult and challenging it is to move 2000 miles across the country. everything is different. you are different, and yet you are still the same. be patient. it all takes time, and slowly it feels right, and familiar, and deeply comforting.
love you and miss you.
marty ferraro

Sylvia Nelson

Beautiful post, Cath. It looks like you have really found your home! Happy Monday to you!

Helen F.

What a beautiful way of expressing your love for pulling weeds, Cath! I, too was weeding in my garden the other day, however, there were NO poetic words coming to mind :o) I think because here in FL the "weeding process" is a constant, there is no break from season to season. I really can't appreciate it as much as when I lived in New England where one looks forward to Spring and Summer chores outside. Stay well and happy, sweet friend. {{{HUGS}}}

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