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June 03, 2011


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Jean Marmo

Wow! How special!


So very cool!! We have a group of deer that live down the street and I love seeing them. This time of year it is much later, but during the winter it is about the time I get home. Thanks for sharing this amazing photo!

Beth W

This is fantastic!Thank you for sharing-it brightened my day.


Beautifully written. Very evocative.

You've done something very bold and courageous, yet bittersweet. Kudos for exploring and enjoying every aspect of the journey.


Such an inspiring entry.........if someone were thinking about making a move, this sure would give them a "push". The picture of the doe and her fawn is absolutely spectacular. Who would not want to look out their window and see this? Love hearing about your new life!

Helen F.

What a beautiful photo, Cath. Sounds like you are enjoying your new life...so happy for you! I wish you and your family the joy and special surprises such as this forever and a day! HUGS, dear friend :)


Wicked! Writing and photo...reminds me of once watching a mother sea lion suckling her offspring amidst the bustle of a Sea World day. Nature nurtures, surprises, and settles us. Have you hiked Walden Pond yet? You might just be a Thoreau fan?

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