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April 05, 2011


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stefanie hamilton

I felt the same way when I moved to Nebraska. Hang in there!

Christina MacLaren

It really WAS a long, hard winter here in the Northeast, and I can't imagine having moved here in the midst of it all. Keep your chin up, Cath! Sunnier days are coming!

I hear you about keeping the house cool and layering, too. When my parents come from Indiana to visit us, they are always bundled up in as many blankets as they can find around our house. I'd turn up the heat, but just looking at the current heating oil prices makes me ill.

Kate (i {heart} papers)

*fingers crossed* next Winter we can hang out and stamp together. That is, if one of us has a snow mobile to get to the other. :)

Joan B

beautiful views. but brrrr!!!!

Eveline van Heijst

Snow is beautiful but not after March the 1st. I almost ran off to get myself an extra sweater after reading your post. But spring will come and I hope it's soon for you.

Sylvia Nelson

Cath, I know how you feel. I have done it over and over again. My last stop was eight years in Colorado. 2006 we got five feet, yes five feet which started on December 30th and lasted through January 2nd. My suv was completely covered, only the antenna was sticking out. My husband was coming from Louisania on New Year's Eve. It took him 3 days to get home once he got to Texas and he had to walk a quarter of a mile in from the Walmart parking lot. Interstate 25 was closed and so was the pass. I had never seen that much snow either. I still love it. I will send you a tomato if you send me a snow ball! I am sending the picture via face book. Hang in there. Now instead of freeze I don't turn on my air conditioner until it is 81 in the house. At night it is set at 75. You will see spring. Take heart it always does and you won't be disappointed. You know, everything could have been perfect and you still would have felt this way. It is the way we women are, just try and enjoy what you have and what you are able to do. We all are thinking about you!

Jasmine Ford

Your views are breathtaking for sure, but I hear you on the coldness. We live close to the ocean in Atlantic Canada, but for years I lived in Western Canada, where the cold was dry...the cold here is damp and gets right into your bones. I'm cold all the time now, I think after 10 years, I'm starting to get used to it. The views and the ocean keep me here! Spring will come soon, followed by summer and the exploration of your new yard and seeing all the beautiful flowers come up! I love the fireplace you have chosen, there's something about a real fireplace, made me warm just looking at it!

Helen F.

Oh My! The views from your home will be spectacular in summer, fall and spring, Cath! Not that they are not beautiful right now,it's just been waaay too long since I lived in New England (almost 20 years in FL),and the reason we moved south was because we had enough of the cold and snow. We have many loved ones there and get a blow by blow (or snow by snow ;) description of this year's "hard" winter ~just hang in there, you will be happy to see and feel the warm beauty surrounding you soon very soon. {{{HUGS}}}

Brandy J.

Cath, I can't relate but I can say that the forces that be paid me back for my snarky FB comment. Two days after it was sunny and 70 we were hit by a Spring snow storm. We even lost power last Sunday for several house and it got cold (we almost had to go to my brother's house to keep the Coop-ster from freezing)! Here's wishing you a warmer April. :)

Laura Evangeline

I'm so glad the snow has left us here in TN/KY. The fireplace looks so cozy though.

Rhimes @ Digital Postcards

the photo of the male cardinal on the feeder looks very poetic amidst the snow :-)


Being from Michigan I know all about snow. I always have to laugh when people start saying on the 1st of February that they are ready for Spring. Come on now, this is Michigan. We still have all of February, March and into April before we can start looking for Spring. Then we had 3-4 inches of snow during that first week of April and, I thought, I really am ready for Spring. Now I'm just looking for some sun as it has been pretty rainy and damp lately. I know Spring will be here soon, then summer, and then the beautiful fall colors of Michigan! Oh yeah, and then winter again!


What a magical landscape you have right outside your windows! I can't imagine all that snow. I would like to experience snow like that one day. Where I live (Brisbane, Australia) the Winter temperatures don't go very low. We have no heating. Sometimes it gets a bit chilly inside the house (about 55F)in the mornings. No excuses to get a beautiful new fireplace like you have chosen. I like your new choice better than your "old" modern one, too. I'm sure it will bring you comfort next Winter. :-)

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