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March 13, 2011


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Hey Cath - I remember Mary. She was a brigh spot in our lives. There wasn't a day that went by at school that Mary didn't make you smile.

Over the years I have thought about her and wondered what she would think of her classmates now. People change and I hope she would be proud of who we all became. She was the least judgmental person I knew. She just loved everyone for who they were. She inspired me to want to be that very same way. I know sometimes I've fallen way short of the mark, but each day now I try to show kindness to others.

Thanks for your tribute to Mary! It was such a sweet memory to touch on again. High school wasn't my favorite time, but it was people like Mary that helped get me through.

Gale R

Cath - What a wonderful and moving tribute to your friend. You have truly kept your word to her - she is not forgotten and now the lessons from her life and her death have been passed on to all of us. With this tribute you have made sure that not only is she remembered, but a whole new group of people who did not know her in life know her now. What a true friend you are and how blessed we all are that Mary graced this earth for 17 years and teaches us all still the preciousness of life, the joy of laughter and the meaning of being a friend. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Katie Renz

Hi Cath,
I didn't realize you had a personal blog so I thought I would stop and say hi... your house with the glowing eyes was fabulous.

Helen F.

Your tribute to Mary is very moving and beautiful. I am sure she is smiling down from Heaven.

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