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January 27, 2011


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Hello. We'll be here when you're ready. :)


Hey miss cath ....hugs to you!

Vanessa Menhorn

Hello ♥

chriss blagrave

Hello Cath.
Hugs...stay warm.


Hey Cath! I am also experiencing a the blog blahs. Basically a whole creative hiccup. Maybe we will pull out of this soon. Until then...Keep on truckin'

Clara P


HOpe, you get back to regular programming soon.


Hello. :) The blog and those of us who visit will be here when you get back.


............and hello to you, too! Hope you get your "writeability" back soon. Miss you!

Joan B

Hello back. I for one am dying to know. Did you get the house you bid on in NH (that you wrote about?).


First time here, but I'll come back to see how the blockage is coming! Here, see if this works.....BOO!! (It works for the hiccups!)


Hi Cath, funny I was wondering if you had a personal blog so I assume this is it? Anyhow, nice to blog meet you. I was scrolling through your previous posts (I know looser with no life, lol), anyhow, we recently purchased our first home and moved back to the United States(military living between Oahu and Sicily since 1992 - tough life but someones gotta do it might as well be me while the government foots the bill;O) How did your house purchase turn out?


Hello Cath! (:


Why don't you try writing the old fashioned way.. with pen and paper... just write whatever words come into your head... doesnt matter is sentences make any sense... just let all of the jumble roll out...

Good luck!

Michele kovack

Well hello! Love the paper!

Laura Evangeline

"Hello!" right back at ya!

Helen F.

Just happened to stop by and see you have the same stationery as me! Going through some difficult times with my husband's health (he started chemo therapy January 31st) right now and it's a real struggle to take the time to sit, focus and write anything. Here's wishing us both a speedy recovery from "mind blank", Cath :o)

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