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November 09, 2010


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Hang in there Cath. I can see why you are feeling overwhelmed but it all has a way of working out in the end.

Anabelle O'Malley

I can only imagine how tremendous this change is for you. Best of luck with the new house. Be sure to take LOTS of pics of your old one, too. When my parents moved out of our childhood home, I took photos of every room, different views from the yard, the driveway, etc. Ten years later, I love looking through that scrapbook.

Lori Craig



Oh Cath... I totally feel your stress... May your new home bring you joy, happiness and everything good!
Your blog post is so beautifully written...

Happy moving!

Marilyn Moore

What a beautiful entry, Catherine. You are making a huge change in your life. Your house reminds me of you--friendly, inviting, and a reflection on you and your family.
Our book club will never be the same without you. You brought great insight and a younger version of the world around us.
We will miss you, but we also are also excited about your new adventure.

Stefanie Hamilton

I'm so excited for you, Cath. You are really taking life by the horns, aren't you?

Bonnie Sharp

Pray, pray, pray.......put all that stress into God's hands....

Julie L Masse

Hugs and prayers to you Cath!


{{((Hugs))}} Moving, relocating, changing jobs, and empty-nesting are such huge changes. To have them occur simultaneously must be incredibly difficult.

Bonnie Isabelle

just remember that everything happens for a reason. That reason may not be evident right away but it will eventually be revealed. Good luck and best wishes for your "new beginning"


So many changes in so little time, but how exciting for you for what lies ahead! I remember that feeling 13 years ago when my hubby and I decided to move to Croatia.

Gale R

Hang in there Cath - sending up prayers that you get the house you want. In a few years you will look back and all this will be a set of funny stories to remember.


Hang in there Cath! Soon you will reap the benefits of this adventure. Much like I have to remind myself all the time...Things happen for a reason. Wish all those reasons were clear from the get go, but that would make life too easy with no surprises. Fingers crossed for you.

Rachel Greig

Ahhhh, what a beautiful house you have just sold! I would have bought it in a heartbeat! (we just don't have front yards like that here, they are gorgeous!)

We've just sold our home too, it's currently under contract. Cooling off is next Friday. We're in the process of looking at homes (in the same area though) and have one in particular we like. The kids are excited and scared all at once, it's the first move ever for them. I loved your last paragraph on all the memories you have created together in your home. We'll leave our current home with lots of great memories, and the pressure is on to find a new home so that we can create many more!!!

Good luck with it all Cath... xx

marty ferraro

hi cath!
wow! what an adventure you are undertaking. you, of course, still have the most important things with you wherever you go.....your family! and new friends to help fill the empty spots. it is a grand thing to do. congrats on selling your house here, and i know the house in NH will work out also.
much love to you,
marty ferraro

Helen F.

OMG, Cath! Congratulations on selling your home so quickly. I am sending many good wishes with your offer on the new house. Hoping you and your family realize and keep in mind that "things happen for the best". Take care and try Yoga for stress relief :o)


Blessings and prayers Cath, as you walk through the open doors along the way. They'll swing open at just the right time. And for the house that is just perfect for you...to begin new traditions and memories.


I want to wish you so much happiness on these changes in your life. It will be difficult to not share the holidays with your girls, but maybe somehow it will work out in the end. Have you heard anything about the NH house yet? Talk about stress! Good luck on all the packing and goodbyes and then on to your new home!

Alice Golden

hi Cath - wow - so many changes to catch up on... no wonder you are stressed! Good luck with everything and hope to catch up once you are our side of the country... Joe works in Cambridge and Jack goes to school there, so you'll have to tag along to work with Mark one day! Enjoy the holidays!

Grace N

Oh Cath I so identify with where you are... I've been there more times than I care to remember, but each move brings new memories, new friends, new exciting opportunities... and if you are like me, new fun opportunities to redecorate another house! FUN! I hope things settle down quickly and you are able to move into your dream home in NH and start making new memories!
Grace N

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