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October 26, 2010


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Oh Scout, we'll miss you! If I was in the market to buy a home, I'd buy yours in a heartbeat. I've always loved your home and enjoyed when we got to hang out there in high school. My favorite was your custom made halloween window decorations. Thanks for giving the update on the fam--hope everything works out for everyone!

Jennifer Schaerer

Whew. Has all that REALLY happened in the past 4 months? ;-)

Kelley Eubanks

Wow!! That is about all I can say! That is a whole lot of stuff to be going on at one time! I will be praying for you guys! I am so sorry about Scout! We have lost 4 animals in the 12 years we have been married! Two of them we had to put down! So hard!! So hard!! But sometimes it has to be done because you don't want to see them suffer! We have 3 left. One of which is an inside cat! I love my cat but I realize that he is old and I am looking forward to living in a house without an animal in it! We have had a cat inside our entire marriage! Anyway... rambling because it is late and well... that is what I do!

Glad to be knowing what is going on in your life! I will be keeping you guys in my prayers! Love ya!


Wow, lots of exciting things going on, Cath. I look forward to hearing about your new moxie Fab and life adventures that lie ahead.

Vanessa Menhorn

Glad to see you blogging again, Cath! All the things that happened sound a lot longer than only four months! I followed most of it on facebook and was so sad to read about Scout. That's so so hard and it always breaks up old wounds to read about losing a pet.

I hope your big move will work smoothly and that you don't have to care about any more medical issues! Enjoy your time with your daughters!

Vanessa x


what a roller coaster! Hang in there, you know for sure there will be more twists and turns ... take care of your health!
Best regards,

Pam Abbott

Wow! I'm sending you lots of positive energy....take care!

Gale R

Oh Cath . . . I knew about some of this because of FB but Nicole's problems with her grad program was news to me. I had something similar happen the first time I went to grad school, except I kept trying to make it work and spent 1 1/2 years there before leaving. I am so glad she figured it out so quickly . . .
For how slow the housing market still is here in the NE I am shocked the owners of your dream house did not accept the offer. If it is really meant to be your home it will still be there when you are ready - if not then that just means there is a better house waiting for you.


Many times over the past few months I would check this site, only to see that it had not been updated. I am so glad you are back! Some of the news is good, and some of the newa is sad, but it's still good to hear it. Hope your house sells soon and you can look forward to "the move." So sorry about your dog.............how hard it is to let go of our pets!!! Looking forward to more posts on this site.

Shemaine Smith

Oh my goodness I was holding my breath for a few minutes when you said you were moving. The trade shows would not be the same without your smile Cath! I am so sorry about your dog. We are animal lovers and living in the city can be challenging to be a pet owner. Our faithful family friend is currently a tenacious cat named Maya. She's quite a pistol and sweet Lily wants to hug her but this cat is not into that kind of PDOA! She'll roll over the arm on the chair and swat at miss Lily as she runs by bringing me much amusement. I am sorry to hear your daughter is leaving Canada but happy for you as we know how much you have missed her. Glad to see you posting again!


Hey, Cath,

I so totally understand of what you write. We lost our beloved Norwegian Forest cat, Jessie, who was a huge part of our family, last Christmas time. It was a season of many losses for us. And my art was not comfort for awhile. Something only time can heal. You'll certainly 'know' when that time has passed. And yet as those calendar pages are ripped off, so are the encumbrances along the way to your new life. Journey though, Moxie Fab leader, heeding those rest stops.


Yay new blog post! I stopped checking a while ago and had a random thought to do so tonight in the craziness of trying to move back home. Glad I did! Can't wait to see you this weekend! (Probably Sunday now.)

Love you mom!

Viola Mahr

Cath, blessings on the days ahead in your busy-crazy life :)
Just a quick note, I'm one of those who were featured in the recent Moxie Fab World challenge (Perfectly Placed Pleats) ... so far me and my fellow winners haven't heard anything about receiving a moxie-fab winner badge for our blogs. Can you update us on that? Thanks!


Megan Hoeppner

Oh no. I'm SO sorry to hear about sweet Scout. I'm glad you had so many happy times with him. I hope you find comfort in your memories of him. He was a good boy! :)

Michelle Philippi

I've been coming by to see if the strawberries have moved down on the page - and they have. I always love reading your life, Cath....I don't know you at all, but it makes me feel like a friend. Sorry about your dog - I think that's why I don't want to get pets for our kids...the saying goodbye part. Well that and the they can't clean up after themselves so who would clean up after the dog? yeah, me...and no thank you.
Oh my @ your daughter going to Toronto and back again...unfortunate...but just must not have been meant to be and something different and more suitable and just better will present itself. The irony of your little adventure as empty nesters and now both your daughters are coming back before you even get out of dodge. Ah, parenthood.
Until next time - - good luck getting that house sold.

Kathy W

Cath, wow, you and your family have had quite the year. I am so sorry about Scout; I lost my beloved Jake two months before we relocated from Oregon to Utah. Anyone of your news items would hit the big time stress category; wishing you all the best as you wait and see what happens with your Utah house.

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