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June 24, 2010


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OHH my gosh gonna make this tomorrow! I'm heading w/the kids to my mom for the weekend but they have this very small org. store right by here and this is gonna be my surprise tomorrow when I get there to make this! Thanks for the recipe can't wait to make this :)

Vanessa Menhorn

Strawberries are the among the most important things here these days! My almost 2-year old looooves them and I planted some hanging and some climbing ones into pots for her. She can't wait to get out every day to look for ripe ones! It's the first thing she is talking about in the morning :)
Enjoy your organic strawberries (I only buy these, too) and thanks for this recipe!


This. Is. The. Best. Salad. Ever! I would know, I eat it all the time so everyone go try it!! :)

Carol Hartery

Hi Cath!
I've been obsessed with strawberries lately. We've eaten that at most every meal and just today I posted strawberry cards on my blog. Hope you'll check them out. Talk to you soon. Carol

Heather Maria

I love strawberries but I've never tried them in a salad. This sounds yummy - I'll have to try it. Thanks Cath!

Heidi Van Laar

Mmmmmm, this sounds positively heavenly!

(-: Heidi


It's a good link between my son-in-law and myself. Every year instead of cake and ice cream, I make him fresh strawberry shortcake (with Bisquik shortcakes) for his birthday. He loves it!


I'm loving strawberries! they have been inexpensive at the store and they're so delish. I tend to eat them plain or blended with yogurt (or sometimes, Slim fast).

Olivia Rose Edvalson

Hey Aunt Cath!

I love strawberries! We picked some with Grandma while she was here :)

Love you!
Your Niece,

Olivia Rose :)

Judy Rozema

What a wonderful recipe! Strawberries are one of our favorites here! I remember driving up the Mountain Road from Ogden to Brigham City (I used to live in Ogden and Farmington) and seeing all the wonderful fruit stands. I miss it!

Mandy Cheshire

Just saw this... The recipe looks yummy, and hooray for you for choosing organic! :)

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