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April 05, 2010


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Ryann Salamon

First off, big congrats to your daughter on grad school - how exciting!!! I bet she is having the same feelings you are about leaving to go so far away. I don't have kids of my own, but have been the kid moving far away from home and I know it can be rough, but you will get through it :)

Nicole Maki

Huge congrats to Nicole. You all must be so proud of her and excited/terrified.

Toronto is a lovely city (I'm Canadian) and as you said, there is a lot of technology to help you keep in touch as never before.

Still, I know my heart will be breaking when it comes time for my boys to leave the nest. Good luck :-)


I am literally crying for you - with joy and sadness.

Kristin Edvalson Wardle

Toronto is awesome, and now you have a great excuse to go there. We visited frequently when we lived in Cleveland. Very international -- in fact, maybe I'll need to find an excuse to go again!

Julia Stainton

Congrats Nicole! And welcome to Canada!

Olivia Rose Edvalson

Yay Colie's only about ten hours away from her aunt, uncle, and three cousins (I'M ONE OF THEM!) congrats!


I'm one of those moms (and grandmas) who is so very fortunate to have my family near me. My heart feels bad for you. But you are a spectacular person and you will get through this (even if it is because you don't have a choice, right?) Blessings, my friend!


Just thinking of you...what a sweet connection you and your Nicole have...your relationship will only continue to grow stronger and even more special.


Congratulations to your daughter. Toronto is a great city. My daughter has been in California now for 2 1/2 years, and I live in western New York. I'll be the first to say she's too far away, but I'm so grateful for today's technology. She's just a phone call or email away. I wish my travel budget was a bit bigger so I could visit more often, but when we do, it's a wonderful place to go. Over time, we've adjusted to this new reality, and I don't think it's likely to change. Although she, too, is in graduate school, she and her husband love the west so I don't imagine they'll be heading back to the northeast.

Virginia L.

I came through this blog from MF. Congrats to Nichol coming to Toronto. My own daughter goes to UT (that's how we call U. of Toronto) for her 3rd year in Life Science. It's a fantastic city and we live one and half hour away. My DD loves,loves it there. In fact, she wants to continue her graduate studies there if possible! Welcome to Canada!!

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