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January 06, 2010


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Lori Roop

Hee....too funny! I'm glad I don't know much about it all. As they say....ignorance is bliss!

Debbie Raymond

I'm laughing right now and feel your pain. I am frustrated with another preposition problem - the lack of knowledge about how to capitalize titles - especially when there are words like to, for, with, etc. in the title - and also articles like a and the. Writing titles incorrectly is so common that when I do it right at work, it seems wrong. The explosion of writing on the internet isn't helping. Where's E.B. White when we need him?!



1) "In other words, how does language change and why?" The answer is: poets. If you're in for a challenge of a read coming to us from the Inklings (C.S. Lewis, Tolkien and Owen Barfield), you should dive into "Poetic Diction" by Barfield. Being a poet yourself I am sure you will understand. It is a truly definitive work, though not for inexperienced writers or the faint at heart... It exposes the poet's immense responsibility to society and the incredible role he/she plays in shaping language, that celestial gift.

2)On ending a sentence with a preposition: I am sure you have heard the story of Winston Churchill's response, "Madam, such pedantry I shall not up with put!"... This never ceases to make me chuckle a little, although I also try not to do too much further damage to the English language... it's been battered up enough already. And possibly even fried. ;)

Have a great day,

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