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December 11, 2009


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Cath I feel that same way when the light changes in the fall...it warms me in an entirely different way than the light of spring or summer. Makes my heart hum with delight!

Cindy Singleton

I agree :) Winter light is beautiful and golden. It's never harsh, but makes the harsh cold more endurable.

Michelle in Boise

Hi, Cath....
I've come over several times from Moxie Fab and checked out your personal side. I just noticed the ABOUT thing and read about you. I think sometimes we forget that there are real people with real lives and real families and real issues behind just the fun of the words and the creativity of cards and papercrafting.
My mother was/is bi-polar...she's tried to kill herself more than once. Oddly enough it was my father that ended up getting leukemia and dying a few years ago. I know what you mean when you say how those things have an impact on you....greater than bearing children and bringing life in to the world and most people wouldn't understand that.
Anywho....it was so nice to take a moment to read about you...and I appreciate you putting that out there. Your writing style is incredible - and I'm sure you've heard that a time or two!

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