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December 01, 2009


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That was a sad read. Our neighbours had to put their 14 year old dalmation, Lucky, down last week. We've know that sweet girl for 10 years and loved every moment of her bounding into our yard to play. I'm still sad about Lucky, and she's not even mine! I can imagine the heartbreak you're feeling. It's not an easy time. But you're SO blessed to have had 14 good years with your little sweetie. Enjoy your moments together :)

Marilyn Moore

I really enjoyed your thoughts on your beloved pet Scout. It is very hard to watch an animal getting older and having health challenges (same goes for humans).


As much as we love our family, our friends, our colleagues, there is nothing quite like the "unconditional" love of our pets, is there?


Oh Scout! I love that dog :) Glad he is doing a little better.

Andi Sexton

Scout! What a Stinker... but he's your stinker and you love him!!
What a scary event...


So glad that Scout is ok. We love our pets as if they are our perpetual children. I have a fur baby, Rowdy, who I have had since he was two and now he is 17. Horses can live to be 40 or 50 these days, so hopefully he will live many more years. I couldn't bear to think of going into the barn and not see his nodding head(he thinks he's gonna get a cookie!) and beautiful soft eyes as he rubs his head on my shoulder.


I know the loss of a treasured companion. It will not be an easy decision when the time will come, but it is best to love them and be with them. I also recommend that if you can have a vet come to your home that may be better for all.

In the mean time, thanks for loving your dog and caring for him.

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