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December 19, 2009


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Love it! I hope your birthday is as wonderful as this post! :)


Cath, Try to add this-- that you matter immensely no matter how much you do, create or contribute. You are a divine being and you are already of infinite worth. I think I speak for all who love you.

Marilyn Moore

Happy 46th Birthday, Catherine. You are one of the most mentally healthy people that I know.
I liked the part where you are only going to be in charge of yourself and what you can control. I am better at doing this as I get older.


Happy birthday tomorrow :)
I love December birthdays, mine is on Monday.

Rachel Greig

Happy Birthday Cath!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm ten years behind you, but I'm already feeling those feelings you're having, trying to do more, matter more, all that stuff. My kids are younger than yours, so I'm not letting go of any responsibility just yet, but it aches my heart that one day they'll be off on their own and I won't be there. I want the next ten years to go as slow as possible, and I'm trying to help them grow the best wings possible :) But back to your birthday... remember that no matter what you do from now, you will always matter. You have touched the hearts of many people around the world! Have a wonderful birthday!!!

Michelle in Boise

Happy 46th Birthday!
I love your outlook...your take...; you are truly an inspiration. I still have a hard time admitting that I am {gasp} 39 - but truly there are things that are so good...so right....and it makes age only a number. Congratulations on your processes and the way you have come to accept and think about and go so far as to implement change in your life.
Best wishes for a year full of health, happiness and fantastic memories.


46 huh.....geez I hope I look that good at 46! You look the same to me as you did in 9th grade! You positive outlook is catching, after reading your post I feel invigorated and motivated. Thank you!

Have a Happy Christmas!


Pulse racing and a panicky feeling in the middle of the night??? Just might be a "hot flash"!!!

Hope your birthday was wonderful and as truly enjoyable as you are!


It sounds like your birthday has gotten you into the contemplative mood that I always associate with New Year's Eve. You are identifying some paths you want to travel and doing the "hard work" to begin the journey -- Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Sharon Gullikson

This should make you feel better: I'm 47! There, did it work? I loved your honesty. I'm looking forward to being an empty nester--don't relate to women who have perfect kids and mom wants them never to leave...I worry like crazy, but because I have GOOD reason to worry. I'm trying to give up the worrying, and am fairly successful so far. Hope you have a great birthday, and a great trip with your hubby!!

wendy myers

Turning 45 myself this year I have an understanding of what you are feeling. Seems a little scarier to me than 50 right now. But I like you have been not letting the little things i have no control over bother me and I seem to be happier! I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

The poem for your daughter on the last post brought tears to my eyes! Just Beautiful!


Happy Birthday Cath and wishing you and yours a very merry christmas from very snowy Scotland...big hugs kath & buddy xxxx


Gosh, you made me feel a lot better about 30 because truthfully I've been FREAKING out about it. What is it about getting older than scares us so much? We should celebrate it! And hope you did! Big belated birthday hugs!

chriss blagrave

Happy belated birthday Cath! It sounds like you are on a great path and are exactly where you need to be. I am 51 years old and have recently lost my job, but am fortunate enough that my household doesn't "need" me to work. I think I have become more valuable at home and enjoying every minute!


Great post. I so relate except that I'm past your age but with a 15 year old. :/ I know that "this too shall pass" (Helen Steiner Rice) and one day I will look back and say "yeaaa, I made it"! But for now....(grrrrrrrr) and thank goodness for blogland and crafting! :)

PS. 50 isn't so bad... ;)


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Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.

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