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November 24, 2009


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Kelly Marie

We have parties so that we'll clean the house too! It's a good motivator with a fun reward at the end. :)

That first picture is so gorgeous! Thanks for making me smile this morning!

Vanessa Menhorn

I giggled through the whole post! Just like me! And I am a Stay at Home Mum at the moment!!! But I still find excuses... And as soon as guests are on their way, my motivation is on its way, too! But it leaves with my guests somehow...

betty lou

Same here!!! Keep the main areas "clean"...laundry done...dishes clean. After 29 years of teaching, I retired! Now, I do not have an excuse, but I'm extremely grateful and plan on cleaning today with joy in my heart...thank you, Jesus!


Oh, Cath...you ALWAYS make me laugh and smile. Sometimes I invite someone over just so I WILL clean. Tomorrow it's just me and the kids...but...maybe I will clean...or maybe I will make a card instead!
Happy Thanksgiving. Carol

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