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November 03, 2009


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Marilyn Moore

I can really identify with you as a parent. It sounds like Beccah is making good decisions and has learned a lot from life's recent experiences. It does make a parent proud to see that growth.


Wow, what a sweet story. Beccah is growing up.

Andi Sexton

Another beautifully written article/post...

Yeah for Beccah!

Some of us are in our late 40's and still battle with those types of decisions.. of doing the right thing and being a big girl..and you know, my mom also worries about me:)


Those hard decisions wouldn't have been so easy to make without all the love and support of my family! :D Love you mom!


Vanessa Menhorn

Thanks for sharing this experience of a mother - Beccah is so lucky to have such a loving and supportive family! (I am grateful for my loving family, too - but they`d never share their thoughts like you do and this is so precious!) All the best to you Beccah!

Miss Pat

Aw...yay Beccah, yay Cath....

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