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October 06, 2009


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Vanessa Menhorn

Hi Cath! Wow, you have a cosy home! Love your style, everything looks very inviting! Our home is still a building site and we haven`t got enough space yet to make everything cosy and to add our style...But we do have ideas! It`ll only take a bit... I`d love to combine old things with new ones for example. Have a great day!



We are seriously lacking in the making our house a home department. I bet you wouldn't believe that we don't even have a single picture hanging on the walls - I know!! Our home is modern and I'm not quite sure where to start with a style. I know I want a little shelf in the kitchen to put some antique kitchenware on, but how will that work?

Marilyn Moore

I loved seeing all of your beautiful pieces. Your home really is inviting.


Your home is beautiful! I especially love the carving from San Juan Island, just stunning and what a conversation piece it must be too.
Our home has been mostly neutrals and very hotch-potch without much style for a while. But it is very cosy! We are in the process of moving house and our new (tiny) cottage will be very much "Australian bush" themed - warm timbers and light coloured walls, with lots of light wooden accents.


Fun to see this piece of you, Cath. Thanks for sharing!


Raising 3 children, two of whom are expecting my first grandchildren, the third child is expecting an engagement ring, taking in my mom who is suffering with a neuro-muscular disease, eating at a 35 year old dining room table that was brand new when we got married, having the same man in my life for 41 years, entertaining best friends from when we were 12 (45 years ago), caring for a sister-in-law in nursing home, and a mother-in-law with dimentia, flowers from my garden, hand made embroidered frames from my daughter-in-law, a big screen tv, cooking in pots my mom got when she got married in 1951, dusting my grandmother's singer foot treadle sewing machine in the living room, my overindulgence in scrap products (all necessary to my happiness,) my new indulgence of machine embroidery (I told you I am going to be a grandmother,twice!), a place to share, talk, laugh, cry, argue, smile, hug, create, and find the joy!

Miss Pat

Aaahhh *big sigh* Cath. I feel like I've just visited - but you weren't home! We need some conversation my friend!

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