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October 07, 2009


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chriss blagrave

I am saddened to read about this and horrified. My heart is heavy. I am praying for the family and families in Mount Vernon. What a tragedy.


How very frightening. This story brought tears to my eyes. This is so senseless and so very sad. A husband loses a wife, a daughter loses a mother, and as the townspeople asked........"Why". Sometimes, there are no answers!


This saddens me beyond belief!! My thoughts and prayers are with this family and the entire town of Mont Vernon!

Kathyc on SCS

OMG, Cath, you caught me totally off guard....I heard just the tail end of the story on the news last night so I didn't know where it had happened. I live on the MA/NH border so not soooo far away; God bless that little girl and her dad. You just never know.

Kathy W

Thanks for bringing this to my attention; I didn't see anything about it in our local paper here in Utah. Hard to believe this is true; this poor community and family. Prayers to all of them.

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