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October 27, 2009


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Vanessa Menhorn

Ha ha, I do understand so well! We started with a weekly delivery of a box full of organic vegetables from a local farm - one day I had about 4,5 lbs of carrots in my fridge, because the box always contained carrots in addition to vegetables I never heard of before or never would have bought... I had the same problem, some things went bad before I was able to use them. Now we started planting our own vegetables in the garden - but some things just don`t work so well! The tomatoes got ill just when they started turning red - but we had a lot of zucchini. TONS of zucchini. About 3-4 zucchini a day!! Although we are vegetarians and we do eat a lot of vegetables, eating zucchini all day long is not funny. There`s still a lot to learn. I`ll definitely try pumpkins next year!


Mom, if you want some help in your garden, I have learned a few ticks I can share! My garden was EXTREMELY successful, as you know, and the way we set it up it wasn't even that difficult to maintain. (It's all about your expectations, right?) I'd be happy to help. Maybe you could come to the Wasatch Community Gardens plant sale with me. I owe most of my success to them and their beautiful heirloom veggie-starts!

For Vanessa - pumpkins are really fun and I highly recommend them. I'm sure you know this already, but you need plenty of space. I am thinking of digging up a new part of the yard only for pumpkins. They took over everything! And make sure you have lots and lots of pollinators in the area you plant them - we had many flowers, but only 3 grew to maturity.


Could you do a half share at the CSA? We belong to a co-op and run into that problem every once in a while too, but I usually try to chop everything up and freeze it before it goes bad for use in winter soups, etc. Joe teases me because I'm always saying we'll just freeze it!
We also have the same problem with the farmers market. Between a garden and the Co-op there isn't much more needed. Except maybe some cheese and bread or just a fun stroll!
Take Nicole up on her offer to help garden, she knows her stuff!

Becky Olsen

I am so grateful that you shared your experience with this. I was intrigued and tempted to do something similar when you talked about it this spring, but couldn't afford it at the time so didn't. We always have a garden with herbs, one zucchini plant, peas, green beans, peppers and cukes. Those are our staples, learned from many years of experience. We just want more variety. But not as much as what you experienced, LOL!
And salad is an everyday for us as well, so it sounds like the super and farmer's markets are a good way to go.



useful insights!

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