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October 03, 2009


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This is so effective. No wonder you keep making them! I have really enjoyed visiting all the blogs over the last few days. Thank you for allowing me to share so many wonderful projects from all over the world.

Kat x in Scotland


big thank you cath for organising such a wonderful event....bucket loads of fun and inspiration....and wow what a gorgeous card...no wonder you are running out of them....have a real fun day....big hugs kath xxxx


Hi Cath,
Happy World Card Making Day,
Today we are cropping from 12 pm to 10 pm and yes we will be making cards.
OMG the lavender fields are gorgeous it reminds me of Provence.
Thank you for the opportunity :)


Happy world card making day to you too!lovely card I can see why they were a best seller thanks for a wonderful train journey Julye


lovely card! Happy WCMD and greetings from Poland:)


Hi Cath!
Happy World Card Making Day!!
You are soooo gifted, love your wedding card.
Unfortunately I can't make cards today...but I did yesterday and I will tomorrow, so I'm a happy girl!
Thanks again for evertything,
hugs, Floortje the dutch girl in Spain X


Hi Cath,
Happy World Card Making Day!!! It's a special day for every card maker. Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Magda x

Terri E.

Well those are fabulous! Actually it was happy world card making week thanks to you.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Vanessa Menhorn

Happy Happy World Card Making Day to you, Cath!! Thanks for this fab week! I already made one card this morning and I hope to be able to finish another one during Baby`s naptime... Happy crafting!



This card is such a little darling!!!! Thanks for the privilege of winning these pretties :) Have a super fun and sweet day!!!


Thanks for the tour and today I am participating with my own cards. Thanks for all the work. Hugs from Michigan!


Happy WCMD! I have just found your blog and also the PC and Moxie Fab blogs! I really enjoyed the trip around the paper crafting world and found so many new places to visit! What a fab idea! TFS!


Happy World Card Making Day! I love your card, so elegant. Oh no, now I have to buy another brass template just when I thought I had them all. Huge fan of dry embossing here.

I plan on spending much of today creating in my craft room.

Thanks at a chance to win.


Sandra Smart

Today is a happy day isn't it?! I love making cards! And I love that wedding card, too cute!

Jacky Scales

Have really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful cards this week.


Happy WCMD Have a wonderful day

laura j

Hope you have a great day! I going to a cottage with a group of friends today to stamp and make cards!!!

DeeDee Roe

That card is so sweet. :) I am so excited. This is my first WCMD, and I have been OTT inspired by all you've shared this week.

Anabelle O'Malley

Happy WCMD!! The lead up has been so much fun! I hope you have a great time today. I've got the morning to be creative. Love your card. ;)

Sarah H.

I was up late last night making cards after midnight so I've already been celebrating WCMD!! Can't wait to continue making cards today!


Happy WCMD to you! It's going to be great!


Hi Cath,
Happy World Card Making Day from Germany ! It's a special day for every card maker. Enjoy your day!
Hugs, Sonja xx

stephany zerbe

Hello Cathy.
OH HAPPY DAY! Sorry I didn't mean to yell. But I am excited to have this day to craft and hop a l l d a y l o n g! Knowwhatimean?!

Karen S.

Happy WCMD!! I'm looking forward to creating cards today!!

Danielle Wycough

I have only been creating cards for a little while, but it is definitely my most favorite thing to create! Then we have all of these talented people inspiring us!!! Thank you!!! Football this morning and then creating for the rest of the day! Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous card.
Blessings~~ Danielle W.

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