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October 08, 2009


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Here, here! Happy B-day Shkrout!

Andi Sexton

Dear Cathy,
Have you read Marley and Me?? Or seen the movie? I have done both... You would be touched.

This post is just so close to our own dog Ernest... He will be 13... He also has some of the same ailments at Scout. He has had a tumor removed, he also has his pains, and yet he still walks my kids down the lane to the bus-stop and waits for the bus to leave - if I don't walk them:)
Such a great babysitter... even though my kids are 10 and 11. He has always been their guarding angel - my son swears Ernest saved him from the creek out in the back 40.. Oh the stories of things barked at, nipped at, etc.
My heart goes out to your family..and I am so glad you have these photos of your family member! Your writing is beautiful!

OH! One thing I can share with you is we started giving all our dogs fresh meat (heart, liver, bones) and eggs... It really peps him up... my husband has a book about the Natural Dog Diet... anyway, it makes US feel better at least!
Big hugs...


Oh my goodness...What a beautiful writing cath!!! I enjoyed it very much, I share the same kind of love with my dog Petey, and he is 16, and he is getting very old also. Thank you for the post. it touched my heart so deeply.

Charlene Austin

Oh dear...I can't stop the tears. So sweet....give Scout a big hug from my puppy girls!

Vanessa Menhorn

Ok, you made me cry and I had to come back later to comment... Happy Birthday, Scout! I hope you have many many more wonderful moments with your family!


Lola Goldberg

The chills are running up and down my legs and arms -- what a beautiful tribute to a cherished family member! Extra hugs all around!


Wow, I didn't expect to cry so early this morning, but again, this is one of the reasons I love your blog...not that you make me cry, but because you put yourself right out here with the rest of us and touch our hearts with your words. I can't imagine there is anyone that reads your beautiful tribute to a beloved friend that doesn't immediately relate. I will keep this post because it reminds me of my furred, feathered and scaled friends; those that have enriched my life beyond belief. Thanks so much for sharing such a big part of you with us!


What a cute dog. And what a sweet message. It's amazing how those little four legged creatures can squeeze into your heart and little by little take the whole thing over! I am now off to give my little doggie a treat and a big hug!

Marilyn Moore

What a sweet tribute to Scout. He has been a faithful family member. I felt the same way about my dog Chimi. I missed her very much after our 15 years together. It is very hard to watch them grow old.


such a sweet tribute to the lovely Scout...he is truly blessed to have such a warm loving family and I bet he knows it too..we are so lucky to have our lives touched by such wonderful animals and yes it is very hard to watch them growing old....big hugs and good wishes from Kath & a hooligan golden retriever....I'm sure Scout and Buddy would have had a ball together xxxxxx


Dear Scout,

Sorry for laughing at you when you do a face plant trying to run up the stairs in the spirit of your old self.



Birthday wishes to a very sweet friend! Hope you get to celebrate many more birthdays together! Hugs from Morocco!

Kathy W

This post has brought tears to my eyes...for you and your beloved family member and for me remembering my sweet Scottie dog Jake who left us when he was 16 1/2. We went through all of the experiences that you are going through now. I always wondered if this was the day, and Jake always surprised me with renewed energy to go to the dog park or snuffle around the kitchen to see if I dropped a piece of carrot that he loved so. Pets are such treasured gifts for a family; thanks for sharing yours.

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