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September 06, 2009


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...rising early to teach my kiddos at school---music at least, so about every 45 minutes, I get a new eager crew

...going to tutoring with my boy

...doing homework with said boy...I hate homework as much as he does---but I just have the good sense not to tell him ;0

...got a comment on my little blog that you HAD, IN FACT, actually been to visit...then I giggled out loud...who knew that Cath---the Cath of PC fame!!! would ever grace my little blog---I must enter contests more often! :) Thanks for actually looking and taking the time to comment! It made my day---

oh, and super congrats on losing 10 toward the muffin top---I have lost 5---when did that muffin top appear? it's like it came overnight! hugs~

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