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August 27, 2009


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Oh my goodness, this happens to me all the time and it drives me crazy. One plastic bag per cantelope? please. One lady at Dan's double bags everything without even asking if I want that. Generally I hand them my green bags and say "Load em up" Sometimes they do and we have the conversation about how much these green bags really can hold.




Have you thought of sending this article in to Harmon's? I know they are trying to be more "green." I also know that this bagging procedure is part of their training and I doubt they receive any instruction on how dealing with reusable-bag-customers should be different than plastic-bag-customers. Just a thought, I mean, you've already written the letter. You might as well send it in and see what happens. Harmon's seems to be pretty responsive to stuff like that. The cashiers and baggers just haven't thought about it, but if they were prompted during training or by their managers, they probably would. These are my thoughts. :)



love this post! i just purchased a gift for my brother that you might like, it's a darling reusable sack that fits inside it's own pouch. patagonia carry ya'll bag. anyway, i'm sending it to him for his birthday. he's about to have a baby with cloth diapers. yay for all the greenies out there..



I'd forgotten that's how it is in Utah!
Here reusable bags are so popular that the grocery stores actually have their plastic bags tucked away, and you have to shamefacedly request one if you forget your resuables. And customers also bag their own groceries! So we cram our bags as full as they get. While I love that in America grocery stores pay a great number of employees just to put your purchase in bags (oh good old American service), I really enjoy the freedom of bagging my stuff. Since we bring home our groceries on the moped, they have to be packed just so! :)

betty lou

Amen, sister!
I usually bag my own, although there are a few baggers that love my string bags! They like to see how many items they can get in one bag!!! www.reusablebags.com has great string bags and other "green" things! Hang in there, Cath!


I agree with Nicole, let em hear it!
Also, sometimes I go with just one bag and tell them to put everything in it. Like one person above I say "Fill it up! It'll hold a ton!"
Very enjoyable (and important rant), thanks Cath!

Or, my favorite is buying a ton of items and saying I don't need a bag. They give me an odd look and watch as a stuff it all in my purse. :)

Steve Trottier

You're an inspiration, Cath. I need to get me some reusables. I wonder if I can make some out of all the plastic bags I have crammed under the sink. I kept telling myself I'd reuse them for something as I stuffed them there.


AAAMMMEENNNN!!!! All Germans have not only a couple of bags per car, but use REAL dishes and silverware for picnics also. They just bring a nice tea towel to wrap up the dirty silverware. The plates stack. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Cindy deRosier


Christina MacLaren

So glad you posted the link to this on your blog today, Cath. You know what really irks me? Sometimes I intentionally don't bring my reusable bags because I need paper bags for storing my recycling. And without fail, I have to tell the bagger that no, I do not need them to put the paper bag inside a plastic bag. Really? I think I can manage carrying the bags without handles, thank you very much. Thanks for sharing your "rant" on the subject so I don't feel like the only high-maintenance shopper!

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