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July 31, 2009


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Hi, Cath! What a nice blog post. I'm camping right now, wanted to take just a minute to check my email for anything urgent and found this!

I am so glad we met and talked on the plane on Friday. Like you, I was so exhausted and knew I had a camping trip to prepare for the next day so my only goal was to get a good nap. Talking to you was so interesting, surprising, and fulfilling, though, that it was worth missing out on that sleep. I look forward to continuing the friendship we've started. Thank you for sharing this blog posting.


Glad you're back...wish I could have been sitting right next to you...always so much fun to chat with.

Diane Beaudoin

As I was reading your post, I wished I had been able to attend CHA and enjoy the same flight with the two of you. I am a recent papercrafting convert (from decorative painting and oh, so many more crafts). My daughter knows of my new love for papercrafting and has been telling me all about your magazine that her company acquired, saying "Mom, you would LOVE it! She works as their Ad Production Coordinator. Just thought I'd share.

Keri Lee Sereika

Well I am glad you had a good trip home and have arrived safe and sound! I loved reading your story! Have you ever written a book? You have a way of drawing in your reader that I find really "personable"...you should think about it...maybe a An Editors Memoirs of A Paper Life Etc. hahaha or something some day! Let me know when it hits the shelves, I would certainly buy a copy! ;)


How many people have asked you if you've thought of writing a book now, huh?? :) You should start a tally and when it reaches a nice fat number...gather up your stories! it would probably be, like, next week. :)

Kalyn Kepner

Only you could take a somewhat simple story of meeting a friend on a plane and write it so beautifully and make it mean so much.

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