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April 01, 2009


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Steve Trottier

It sounds like you knew what you wanted to happen on this trip, and then set out to make it so. I'm amazed at the rejuvenation that can only take place when we expose ourselves to the natural world--something I'm long overdue for myself.

Thanks for sharing this.

Lori R (loree2000)

Cath, what a touching post!! I hope you rise above your current emotions....You look so fresh faced and happy in your photo. That is how I always picture you(Happy). Chin up girl!! You inspire me with your happy smile!! I think of you often and will mention you in my prayers. TTYS...~Lori R

Dale Welcome

Brilliant post Cath......I was touched by your words.

Karen Hill

You are a great poet. And thanks for the picture of sagebrush - it's been far too long since I've seen it or hiked in it. Brings back memories.

Wishing you peace and strenth.


Barbara Spencer

All those things you mentioned, solitude, quiet, nature, sky, stars you can really see at night, these are the reasons we are on a ridge in Tenn, even if the people do have a unique way of speaking, now I find myself seeking a few activities away from my haven, because people (in small amounts now) are also necessary. Time for a visit Cath.

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