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March 23, 2009


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Lindsay S.

My little boy gives me so much joy everyday. He's the last of my 4 kids, and I'm cherishing every single moment that he's home with me. The beautiful sun (other than the last couple days) has brought me SO much joy. The cute little finches eating from my birdfeeders, the extremely cute and friendly cat named Ollie at the Petco in Ogden(that I really want to adopt). So many things, but this isn't my post, it's just my comment! So I should probably not go on and on. :)

Susan Opel

My joy...
Too big pants.
Splashy cocktail rings.
Craig. :)

Have fun on your hike in the desert til you drop fix! [I'll miss you]

Marilyn Moore

I also received joy from the "David Copperfield" program. It was very well done.

You are an optimist about the "last snowstorm of the season" part of your blog! (I hope you are right.)

Have fun in St. George!

Lori Roop (loree2000)

I so enjoy reading your blog posts...your view of everyday life is quite
entertaining! :) I can't help but stop by and leave a comment.

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