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March 25, 2009


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Lindsay S.

Ha ha! Interesting. My Pet Peave is when people (mostly my own children) eat with their mouths open. I just cringe to hear someone's food being chewed, or slurped, or "souped".

(I think I might use an apostrophe too much now that you mention it!)


Now that's the old English teacher I know and love in you coming out!!

Julie Masse

Have to laugh Cath - love this post!! I mostly have a pet peave about adverbs . . . why can't people use them correctLY?? :)


the misspelling of 'definItely'.... it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.


Hee hee!!!

I have SO MANY grammar and punctuation pet peeves!

And my recent favourite (I'm Canadian, so I get to spell favourite with a "u"!), is when people say
"FUSTRATED" instead of FRUStrated. Gets me "fustrated" every time :)

Hope you're having a GOOD day Cath :)


One of my all-time grammar pet peaves is when people write "could of" instead of "could have" or "could've". Also "should of" instead of "should have", "would of" instead of "would have". I'm sure you get the picture. I'm amazed how many times I read these in books. Where's the proofreader?

Susan Opel

Um, I have so many pet peeves it is unbelievable... But one is people who can't take 50 steps to put the grocery cart in the cart corrall. Seriously? How lazy is that?


I have all these grammar books sitting on my desk, but I can't ever remember the apostrophe rules. And I misspell definitely all the time..and believe and receive, and I never know what to do with its, (as in "it's a lovely day," "put it in it's place" "It's got to be somewhere..." I'm definately somebodys pet peeve.

Barbara Spencer

from Mick: "try and" for "try to"

Marilyn Moore

My pet peeve is the misuse of the verbs "lie" and "lay". Hardly anyone uses those words correctly.


One of my pet peeves is that I spelled peeve wrong earlier. PEEVE, not PEAVE! Just wanted to add one more.....how many people are not sure when to use your and you're!


I am all over this apostrophe thing. Where did it all go wrong and why are people not learning this rule? It is not hard. It truly drives me nuts. How about teachers who say "kinnygarten"?


I don't like the apostrophe thing either. But I always have to back up and change it. I'm a former tech writer and proofreader and in tech writing, you don't use apostrophes; i.e., do not for don't. Then apostrophes don't factor in.

My current pet peeve is a blogger pet peeve. I don't like blogs that where music is playing. It's like somebody pulling up next to you in the car with their music blaring. If I want to listen to something, I'm already listening to something!!!

Okay, I've gotten that off my chest.


Valerie Trog

Humph! Never really thought about the apostrophe thing but I will be more aware of it from here on out!!

I remember my first semester of college english 101......I asked the instructor what grade I "should've" learned this in and he said, ...... "Second". I felt STUPID for sure then.

Lori R (loree2000)

Cath, have you had a bad day?? LOL! You're usually so positive!! Sorry, just had to ask! :D

Is that really true?? You do not have to use an apostrophe for a plural? That is SOOOO great! I always wonder where you put it. Before the S after the S blah blah blah!
Yikes, where have I been all these years?

Pet peeve of mine....When I hear preachers say "Turn to the book of Revelations". My Bible doesn't have that book. It's the book of "Revelation". Oh, I have another one (I must be having a bad day) LOL...Example "Can I look at your pitchers" instead of "pictures". Oh well, small matters really. I hope you have a great weekend Cath! BBS....~Lori R


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Amanda P

This was hilarious and yet so very true!

My pet peeve is when people use the word "irreguardless"....there is no such word!!! It's "regardless"....that's it.

Thanks :)

Amanda (from Toronto)


what a great question! i'm like someone else here - i hate going to a blog and having music come on! HEY! i'm probably listening to my own music and don't want to listen to any one else's! is that a wrong apostraphe? also - i hate hate hate hearing someone say - Buhon - instead of BUTTON!! please!! there are T's in that word!! thanks - i needed that! :^)

Barbara Spencer

I has been a few days since I checked in on your blog, I have never seen so many comments. If you folks want scary word usage, come visit Tennessee, it will raise yore hahr fer sharh!

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