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March 11, 2009


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Totally with you here - but our little things come into our lives because of our kids - http://thelegacylady.wordpress.com/2009/03/11/love-comes-first/

Marilyn Moore

It is a lot funnier reading about someone else's stuff falling apart than my own. Seriously, I am sorry you are having all these problems with your car.
Paul was thrilled the other day when our paper shredder conked out. He had been eyeing a new one at Costco. I had said to him, "We don't need a new one until the old one dies."

kimberly kesti

I feel for you, girl. The motor went out in our Suburban in January, took the majority of our vacation fund for a new one. AND, the check engine light has been on ever since. I'm a little grumpy thinking we should be meeting Gma and Gpa on the the Gulf Coast of Texas next week for Sring Break, but instead will be sitting at home with five wild kids. Sigh.


I feel for you. The week of Thanksgiving my furnace wouldn't turn off so I called the furnace guy. When he was turning the breaker back on, it broke. It's a rare breaker he had to order a new one on the internet. He left me with space heaters and a week later installed the new breaker. The next week my kitchen sink clogged. My sister and I were able to fix that. Then, the weekend after Christmas, my plumbing froze, cracked some pipes, broke the toilet and $525 later, I had everything fixed.

I feel for you!!!e


I feel you you! I thought 1,000.00 I spent on my Honda Door was alot!! 1st because my electric window wouldn't roll all the way up, and then out of the blue my door wouldn't open!! Well it's kind of hard to crawl over the seat!! So I had to get that fixed. I'm telling you they have a racket!! Luckly my mechanic got the door panel off on my Honda otherwise just a door panel would have been $1,000.00 !!! But it's also a pain to not have a car!!

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