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March 17, 2009


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And I feel spoiled by reading your super-creative, warm and fuzzy blog posts :) Miss you, Cath! Hope all is well in your world!

Kristin Edvalson Wardle

The perfect follow-up post to "If It's Not One Thing, It's a Dozen." You are blessed, and so am I!

Marilyn Moore

Clever, Catherine! You made me smile. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow at book club.

Michelle Goto-Bertuzzi

Always great to read blogs of people who appreciates things that surrounds them, whether it's big or small. Oh Cath, I think it'd be wonderful to meet you in person!


I am so happy for your dishwasher! The most detestable chore in my home is the dishes, I too am grateful for the dishwasher.

I really enjoyed reading all the fun things you did too! Makes me want a quiet little vaca somewhere peaceful and with a good view!

becky olsen

That is a great list.
I count myself grateful to know you.


I still want you to have chickens! :)
I'm going to send some eggs with Nicole one of these days and then you won't be able to resist.

I loved Animal Vegetable too! We should all try to make cheese some day.

Barbara Spencer

There were baby chicks at the feed store today, didn't realize the babies actually lay down, I thought one was dead, til I saw her little body breathing. But NO I don't want no chickens.

Lori Roop (loree2000)

LOL!! I have to say Amen and Amen!! In the way of conveniences....I'm glad the "good ol' days" are long gone!! I love the convenient blessings of this era!!

I enjoy your sense of humor...and that you take the time to bask in your blessings. You don't take them for granted! So refreshing!! ~Lori R

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