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January 20, 2009


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hooray, i loved this and am so happy to have easily landed on it without any googling whatsoever. it was a fresh voice with a clear message.

happy obama day.

Kristin Edvalson Wardle

I'm glad to be able to read it. I wasn't thrilled with her delivery, which is sad because it was her creation and that must be how she thought it should be read. I was watching CNN's coverage and they were using a camera shot of the crowd at the end and I totally didn't know she had finished, which made it feel anticlimactic.


Today I wish I had a blog--but I don't so I'll use yours, if you don't mind. I watched the inauguration with a class of fifth graders and was full of joy to be proud again. It's been a long time since I felt honored and honorable as a citizen of this nation. I was afraid we had lost that, but there it was again today. As I watched I thought "there it is! there we are! this is what I remember about being an American. It isn't lost. It's back. Praise song for the day! Yes! I'm praising and thanking once again!!!!

Karen Hill

Thank you for posting this. I'll read and reread it.

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