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January 16, 2009


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Ms. Maxwell

One of your top three BEST posts. Ever.

Lindsay S.

Very Sad! I'm so surprised. I really like Simple Scrapbooks. I really enjoyed your post about this. It was very insightful.


just horrible. although primarily a card maker, I often turned to Simple Scrapbooks for inspiration. She will be missed.

Alice Golden

oh that makes me so sad...I LOVED Simple...I LOVED the new Digital mag too...what if we all promise to get two subscriptions to each? or three? it was always such a good dose of inspiration that it will be awful not to find it sticking out of my mailbox.


the whole situation makes me weepy, and you're post sums it all up perfectly. your thoughts are touching, they're all so lucky to have you as a "sister".

Kim Kesti

I'm with Celeste - a little weepy and sad. All last night I was walking around being bummed. It's just doesn't feel right. Great post, Cath!


So sad to hear this. My first reaction is, "Oh no. Not them, too."
Please give J a little hug for me next time you see her.
This is happening way too much lately. Behind every publication are so many good people. It breaks my heart for them.
Cath, take care of yourself, too!

Beth W

I am speechless. Simple Scrapbooking is my favorite. I cannot understand the thinking behind this decision. Good luck and God bless to all involved. Someone somewhere was not thinking straight.

Stefanie Hamilton

so so sad about this. :(


Yeah, I think I'll be stuck in the depression stage for quite some time. I can't seem to go a day at work without crying. It's just too sad. Too unfair. Too much!

Eveline van Heijst

I too am sad at the news. I have a subsription to all 3 magazines, Papercrafts, CK and Simple scrapbooks and I like all 3 but I'll miss the Simple Scrapbooks a lot because it really made scrapbooking simple and that is my style. I'll keep all my issues I have.


Thanks, Cath. This is a sweet tribute.

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