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January 18, 2009


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Anabelle O'Malley

I never knew music was so deeply a part of your life. I hope you find yourself doing what you love and enjoying it to the fullest.

Cindy  Singleton

Interesting, I was thinking just recently about your dad's passion for music. As I was dusting my piano the other day, I thought of how long it had been since I'd sat down to play it, and what a good New Year's Resolution it would be to make time for playing it a few minutes now and then. I always have the duet book (a copy of the old one my dad had from his youth) sitting there like a decoration, but also as a constant reminder of the joy that book brought to my childhood, and that of my own children. Thank you for your post and the extra motivation I need to make room in my life for creating music!

Ms. Maxwell

That's it. I'm getting my piano tuned and you're coming over. Period. These keys need your talent!

susan opel

I can totally relate! There is nothing like singing Bach with a phenomenal choir and a majestic organ.

Kristin Edvalson Wardle

Funny, but when I think of you, I think of music. I didn't know that was a part of yourself you had put on a shelf. Not often enough, I get to sit down at grandma's piano and pretend that I play as well as I used to. While my fingers don't always go exactly where they are supposed to, it still takes me to a place that is only mine. When I hear my daughter's fingers trying to figure it out, I have to smile and remember my mom's willingness to let me practice instead of setting the table.

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