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December 18, 2008


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Wow! What an amazing adventure that must have been. I'm glad they are all okay.

Marilyn Moore

How beautifully put! This is a lovely story of a family pulling together and appreciating what they have.
Happy, happy birthday tomorrow, Catherine. I hope you have a good day.
Is your photo at the top of the blog new? It looks like the new thin-you.

Layle Koncar

WOW Cath, what a story! You hear about it on the news, but you really can't imagine what it would be like day to day without the things we take for granted. Glad they're back in the heat!

Julie Masse

Loved reading your family's adventure Cath, thanks for sharing! We were without power for 3 days and as you said, it had started to get old. We are blessed to have a huge woodstove that heats much of one side of our house so we were better off then some! We even cooked on the top of the stove! The no water thing was the hardest - with 6 people in the house, that's a lot of toilet flushing! :) Glad to hear your family has power again, I know NH still has thousands without! Blessings to them all! :)


It's cold here tonight, even with power. I don't think I'm prepared to go even a day without the necessities! Good for your family! I'm impressed.

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