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December 05, 2008


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Amen! Seriously - you said a LOT of things on my mind this year...a lot better than I could. Thank you! :)

Lindsay S.

Perfect! I want to tell the people that don't really matter that I can't make it to their party this year, I am NOT sending Christmas cards(as you said, that's what my blog is for), I'm shopping online to avoid the stress of the crazy mindless women(no offense, you crazy women), and I'm going to make my slices of pie bigger too. I hope you stick to it. I'll try, and I'll come back when you tell us how yours went, and tell you how mine went.


I don't usually read blog posts all the way through when they are long. But I saw your title and glanced at the headings and I had to save it and come back. I'm glad I did.
Wise words. I think our biggest demand is extended family. We love them so much, but it gets crazy driving from A to B to C to D in 3 days. But THIS year, the extended family moved the gatherings until AFTER Christmas. I am so relieved. So our Christmas will be a lot calmer this year. Now I need to work on the "other stuff".


yes, yes, yes. great ideas. am attempting to slow down and really feel the spirit of the season as well. enjoy.


Yep, totally agree. :)

Sherry Wright

I'm feeling the same way this year, you put it into words so well. Have a wonderful weekend.. and your new profile pic looks fab!!

Joanne Basile

Well said Cath! I second the motion.
Enjoy every minute, next year will be here before you know it. Lets make the best of the rest of this one....

becky olsen

That is how I am feeling, the need to simplify and enjoy the things that really matter.
You said it so concisely, thanks!

Alice Golden

We are simplifying this year by not buying any gifts for any of the adult family members on our list...I found out that there are 20 homeless kids at my son's middle school - can you imagine! it's so sad - anyway, I told everyone about it at Thanksgiving and it was decided that we will make a donation to help provide them with Christmas instead. I know it should feel good just to be helping these kids, but selfishly I can't tell you how great it feels not to have to worry about what to buy everyone!

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