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December 09, 2008


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Lindsay S.

Wow! That's a lot of work and dedication so far. I'm working on it slowly. I am getting better at only getting what I need and not what I want(well except for stamps of course!). We just bought a new washer and dryer that use A LOT less water and power. Teaching my kids to recycle. The hardest for me is to stay organized to remember to keep it simple, which causes me to use more of what I don't need. Keep us posted on your journey, I like to read about what others do to be more green.


Remind me to show you my compost bin - I've been meaning to share my new groovy countertop model

I WISH we could eat organic, but plain and simply, this family of six can't afford it. It's hard to make sense of the fact that it costs more to eat natural, but it does. We do buy our eggs straight from the farm tho, I've always reused wrapping paper, we haven't put up outdoor lights for a few years - makes no sense when looking out - we can enjoy the six homes around us that do. LOL Oh - and I still line dry everything. This time of year, it adds just a bit of the much needed humidity in our house.

I'd go on, but someone seems to be needing me 'bout now, he's not napping. hmph. He musta heard what the doctor said last week

betty lou

Like you, we are trying to do what we can! I feel it is very important to stop wasting, to recycle, and to stop getting "stuff"! There is an Indian saying about not inheriting this Earth, but borrowing it from our children and grandchildren. As a new grandmother, I want my grandson to have a beautiful world to grow up in AND to take care of, teaching his children the same. So, I want to be an example for him.
As a Christian, I know there is a better place, also! But, we need to take care of what God gave us.
Have a blessed Christmas!


Wow! Looking at your list, I actually do a lot of these things! I think we should aslso think about sustainability not only in nature, but in economics. Buy from stores that are near you. Stores that stock hand-made items. Stores that are run from people you know...yes...this CAN be on the internet! I think this will help make the lives of our communities as a whole better as well. Also don't foget to say no to plastic bags and bring your own totes to the store...keep a bunch in your trunk! The German's do this all the time. i have learned so much from being over there so often. What a great post!

Sherry Wright

What a wonderful list! I try to buy organic when I can find it (very rural here), all our meat and eggs comes from the farmer down the raod (organic), and we grow our own fruits and veggies in the summer.

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey. ;) Have a great weekend. :)

Stefanie Hamilton

This is great, Cath! You will love the CFL's instead of the regular lightbulbs. They take some getting used to, but they last soooo much longer, and you'll see a savings on your electric bill. We compost in the summer and grow our own vegetables. We try to eat seasonally and locally for fruits and vegetables, but that means an awful lot of potatoes and onions over the winter. :-p

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