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December 29, 2008


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Marilyn Moore

I loved reading about your changes and your ideas about change. Your daughters really are in a transient position in their lives that could direct them in a number of ways. Been there--done that (with lots of worry and hope added in).


You say things so beautifully. Were you ever an English teacher???

Melissa Phillips

Big hugs Cath. You are such a wonderful mom and have given you daughters the sweetest gift...that of them knowing that you will love them always. Don't you worry...they will continue to need you now just as much as they always have...maybe even more.
Sorry to hear about you pup...so hard to watch, isn't it?


Change isn't always easy, but it most often brings good. I hope you find happiness and peace in your current changes. My thoughts are with you and your sweet pup!

Happy New Year, dear friend!

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