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December 15, 2008


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becky olsen

That is a great question about the social networking!
I think the interactions are with more people, but the quality and type are different. Just my observation. Seems blogs are great too, but what we present in them is very edited. Blogs are a wonderful way to get a snippet of that person's life though, and I am grateful that I can keep up with people that way and not feel like I am bothering them by phoning.
That being said, who doesn't love a random phone call from a friend!



I love reading your blog, you are so creative and so good at expressing what you feel. I still love talking on the phone and have a daily chat with my sister every day at 10:00 am as she heads to work. Hearing her voice always starts my day in a positive way. On the other hand, thanks to the wonderful world of blogs and facebook I have found long lost wonderful friends like you. I love having the best of both of these worlds. Have a great day, friend, it's good to read your words again.

Miss Pat

You pose the question:

"Do we talk less on the phone now that there are blogs and social networking systems such as Facebook? Or are we actually more in touch with one another?"

For our particular relationship, no we don't talk any less (or more!) on the phone - but I am so much more in touch with you thru your blog...you probably don't see as much of me though, do you??!! :-)

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