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November 16, 2008


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Hi Cath,
I think that as long as you consider yourself to be a 'writer' (which clearly is justified in your case) then you are, in fact, a writer. Don't look for anyone outside of yourself to offer that label or distinction. You communicate your thoughts by writing them down AND (it is a big one) you have the courage to let others read what you have written. It is similar to those who make art; artists hesitate to claim the distinction and yet, if they feel they are making art then by all means they are entitled.
I am rambling and I should perhaps not be doing so on your blog but I'm just saying...


I *knew* it had to be you that wrote those calls - they always make me smile! I wanna be you when I grow up

Lindsay S.

I really enjoy your writing. I would love to read your book. I am LDS and my husband isn't. We always talk about what life was like for him being labeled a non-member living in Utah. I would love to read your book and hear your story, to better understand my husband's story. Men aren't the best at expressing themselves, you know. Thanks for sharing your passion for writing with everyone.


So happy for your Cath. You are wonderfully good at communicating and all that you do each day.


Cath, I'm so glad that you're getting to live your dream in a way and write more for work! Your nonfiction ideas sound really really fascinating though and I think you should revisit them sometime. It's never too late! I'm taking a personal essay class right now for creative nonfiction and you could always turn a book-length topic into a shorter personal essay so the task doesn't seem so daunting. Just a thought :) Happy writing!

susan opel

Oh, Moby Dick - dreadful! Kudos to you for actually making it all the way through.

And I must say that I admire your moxie penchant for words. It does make for interesting and delightful and oh so insightful blog posts and submission calls!

Ms. Maxwell

You've definitely hit your stride, my friend. And I'm dying to see how you treat a meme, Madam Writer, so tag -- you're it.


Barbara Spencer

OK Catherine, I think you need to have a shirt made up "I write, therefore, I am", I used to have one that said, no surprise to you, "I ride, therefore I am" We are what our passions take us, sympathy for those with no "passion"

becky olsen

Your clarity and humor are always a pleasure to read, and really isn't that what the purpose of writing is?

Miss Pat

I must say again, your ability to turn life into literature, just like you do on this blog, keeps me coming back for more. Well, that and the fact that I miss you terribly! And I feel uberfortunate to actually have a copy of your first book...someday you will be famous and I'll be famous by association! Love you Cath!

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