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November 06, 2008


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susan opel

Pretty, pretty, pretty! The church one is my favorite - I'm a sucker for little white churches in New England!

Julie Masse

Oh Cath these are beautiful!! You were in NH??!! I live in ME (my DH works in NH!) Looks like you had a nice trip and classic New England Fall weather! :)

Rachel Greig

Great photos Cath!!


Stunning photos Cath! The reflection in the church photo is absolutely gorgeous. I'm also a sucker for tree-lined country road photos... LOVE that one!


Cath, you have some serious photography skills!!!

Barbara Spencer

Thanks for sharing the NH fall, we don't have the water (the church reflection was VERY pretty,) but we sure have the hardwood trees here in TN, plus the ridge where we live. Every place has it's own beauty and it's nice to be able to experience it first hand. Something to be said for moving around a bit. Parley's turns gold in the fall, even the air looks and feels gold,breath each in as tho it's your last day.

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