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November 05, 2008


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Hi Cath,
It is your Canadian friend, Kelly, again! I have been watching the American Election campaign very closely along with the campaign here in Canada and one major difference I have noticed is the level of passion with which American people approach politics. I wish that Canadian people could somehow muster the passion that seems so prevalent during American election campaigns. After the dust settles, I hope that both of our countries see the beginnings of the slow march out of economic down-turns and whatever social changes are necessary. Thanks for the great photo and the reminder that each and every day is a new day. A new start...though, I suppose, some starts are a little more profound than others.

Stefanie Hamilton

I smiled for a long time last night.


We were in Disneyland on election day--having voted early last week. It was a bit strange to not even pay attention to anything all day and then to go back to the hotel and see the results so simply and quickly. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and contentment at the results. Haven't done that for a long time where politics are concerned.

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