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November 13, 2008


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Megan Hoeppner

If there's one good thing about a loooong day, it's the sound sleep that often follows. Sweet dreams, Cath!

Lindsay S.

I don't usually take time to stop and read the actual story of blog posts. But, for some reason I read yours tonight. I am very sad for you and your family. Especially her little girl. Maybe because it hits close to home with me. My 4 children are all young, and I fear every night, before I go to sleep, that they may have to live without their mother some day. I'm healthy and not expecting anything. But the love for my children is so intense that these thoughts go through my mind constantly. So my thoughts and prayers are with your cousins daughter. I hope she can be able to grieve and cry and let her emotions free so she can move on to a life of her own.


Hi Cath,
Isn't it amazing how our lives are filled with the huge highs and desperate lows all at the same time. I am very sorry for the loss to your family and all that it means for the immediate family of your cousin. I am also very excited about your new blog...I have wanted to be courageous and smart enough (I think I probably am lacking on both of those!) to start a blog for a while and now you have two! I am not going to know where to look first. You, sister, are Moxie-Fab.

Stefanie Hamilton

I'm sorry for the loss of your cousin, Cath.

I do blog posts without photos all the time - apparently I am blissfully unaware of the rules. :-p

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