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October 28, 2008


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You forgot the part about "write blog to list all of the things I need to do" and then you can cross that one off immediately! I am terrible at making lists because I always put down things that I've already done. That makes me feel better about the progress I've made...before making the list. :-/


the leaves are absolutely spectacular right now Cath - and be sure to pack lots of warm sweaters - starting to get downright chilly out here. If you make it down across the border, I'd love to see you! Have a safe trip.


I love reading your to-do lists. I feel so connected to the life of Cath. :) I hope you have a fabulous vacation and reunion! And I'll echo what Alice said - even in PA it's very chilly!!!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Cath, I hope you have a wonderful trip!! Travel safe, friend.


::whew:: I was getting anxious until your last item to "blog ahead"! lol Seriously I know y'all are allowed vacations but I was already going through blog withdrawal as you were talking about your vacation! I'm so hooked! I hope you have a wonderful time and have fun Trick or Treating on Blood Street...lot's of pictures will be needed of that! Thanks again for filling my need to blog! lol

Brandy J.

You are one busy chica. Thanks for letting me borrow your shirt...it will look perfect with my retro white pants!

susan opel

I miss you already - waaaaahhhhhh!


Have a great trip, Cath!

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