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October 01, 2008


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Marilyn Moore

I loved the part where you said that Scout never rolled his eyes at you. My teenage daughters constantly rolled their eyes at me!
I hope that you have lots more quality time with Scout. For unconditional love, you can't beat a dog. I adored my dog Chimi. We had her for 15 years. She came in a package deal when Paul married me. He didn't really like Chimi and the feeling was mutual. In fact, nobody really liked Chimi except me and my daughter Natalie! But, boy, did I ever love that dog.
See you tonight.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Aww....happy birthday, Scout!! Our Riley-boy is 8 yrs old now and I know what you mean....can't even imagine life without him. Such a sweet boy. Hope Scout gets a yummy treat for his birthday! :)


Happy Birthday Scout! too funny about the peeing on the floor bit :) Actually, I can say that about a couple of my kids as well as pets...

Love the gorgeous nature photos in your last post too!

Megan Hoeppner

In my best doggie voice, I'd like to say, "Happy birthday Scout!" Your pup pals, Kisses and Jack, are sending you many birthday wishes. :)


Happy Birthday to Scout!

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