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October 09, 2008


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Marilyn Moore

This post is too funny!! Did you know (not that it is true or anything) that our ancestors old photos looked so grim because they dared not smile? Their teeth were rotten.
We missed you last night, but we totally understood why you stayed home. I hope that your headache is better and that you had a more upbeat day at work.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing)

Cath, I am laughing out loud at this one because they just gave us these new-fangled toothbrushes at the dentist last week! And you're right.....that tongue brusher thingie just doesn't feel right vibrating the inside of my cheeks when I'm brushing my teeth!! And honestly, do you think the tongue brusher thingie really cleans your tongue better than the bristles do?! I don't think so! What will they think of next???

Have a great weekend!


I hate to say it mom... but that reminded me a tad of grandma....


(ps, science HAS proved that scraping your tongue is a more efficient way of getting rid of bacteria than just usin the 'ol bristles. However, I don't know if the one on the back of the toothbrush can really claim itself as an official tongue scraper...)

Miss Pat

I just want the durn thang to fit in my old-fashioned-pasted-to-the-wall toothbrush holder!!!

Serena Mcelyea

OMG I can't stop laughing! But would it be a consolation to think that the marketing people truly care? Anyway, these "new and improved" features do convince some people to start brushing the parts which aren't usually brushed. So that way, it does have a positive side. =D

Nicholas Ludwig

Wooo! Toothbrushes with tongue cleaners are the best! Most kids and adults have that kind of toothbrush already. However, the toothbrush is not the only tool for cleaning your teeth. Mouthwash, dental floss, tongue cleaners and a regular visit to the dentist will make your teeth clean and healthy.

Glenn Koehm

I guess toothbrush makers have learned that flying toothbrushes are not good since they only stay in midair for just a few seconds. Kidding aside, I agree with Selena. It would be good if that can motivate people to have better brushing habits, even if it's just part of their marketing strategy, right?

Calandra Janocha

It is pretty funny how some dental care companies go to such lengths, just to offer something that the public might buy into. But I agree with Serena, if the marketing strategy of the company can help in helping people understand that brushing alone is not enough, and that we need to clean the whole mouth, I think the new features of the toothbrushes can be handy in promoting proper hygiene.

Darcy Losh

Haven’t you tried using electric toothbrush for adults? I’m sure that you’ll like it. That will save you energy while cleaning your teeth, as compared to brushing your teeth manually, though these are pretty good choices. Oh, one more thing, our toothbrush must be replaced every after 3 months so that our toothbrush can remain effective at its job of keeping our teeth healthy and clean!

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