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October 12, 2008


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Cath...this is no time for conviction! LOL!
I am impatient and feel like I am in the interim of a LOT of things. Grrr...embrace...embrace {with sarcasm} still embracing...not working...
still embracing...

becky olsen

you just described my entire life all the time.
And I wish I could embrace it, but it is just so darn slippery!
Congrats on the shopping, I hope that you find the energy to do the exercise, it is the fun part!

Kim Kesti

Our home is definitely in the interim. Bathroom now has a toilet, but no sink, living room has new tile, but no wall paint, etc. I'm hoping to have this behind us by Christmas. I'm mostly content with living in the now. It seems to me that people say they are "bored" but what they really mean is they are not content with living in the interim. Hmmm...love reading your thought provoking posts.

Sherry Wright

What a great accomplishment to be half way there Cath! Your way with words is amazing. Thanks for reminding me to "enjoy the journey". I really needed that this weekend. :0)

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