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October 23, 2008


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Rachel Greig

Get out!!! I was about to ask where on earth did you find such cool decorations!! That is the most fabulous window make-over I have ever seen! My kids would LOVE that.


Amazing Cath! Woweee....I am so impressed with your Exacto abilities----how fun!


LOVE these Cath! Absolutely amazing!!


Your window decorations are awesome, as always. I remember seeing them in person at your house once -- I don't remember how many years ago. Wish you were here, so you could decorate my house for me! Happy Halloween!


I have to say that BY FAR this is the BEST decorating that I have EVER seen! It beats anything I've seen Martha Stewart make! You are the diva! I bow to your greatness!!!!!!!

wendy sue

wow, wow, wow - that is amazing! You are so talented!!! :o)


Hi Cath,
I don't know you but I would love it if I did. You are a whirlwind (in absolutely the best way!) I am just new to your blog and you read all of MY books, decorate like a total pro and just seem like you are the coolest! Thanks for sharing.


Those are AMAZING. But, how do you look out and see the beautiful fall leaves? ;)


What a fun kitchen! At first I thought they were pictures from a book and I immediately wanted the book. You have created great atmosphere.

Sherry Wright

This looks SO cool Cath, I'm amazed at what you've done!! It looks like something straight out of a magazine. ;)


ooooooooooooooh - I love! My kids would be SO impressed. I'm not sure if my exacto skills are a match tho. hm. must try.


You are incredible. I don't even usually LIKE Halloween, but I LOVE this!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I just LOVE this! WOW! I'm totally impressed!


that is the coolest. does it look just as 'creepy' from outside the house?? we have two big picture windows in the front of our place, and that might be worth a go!!


Thanks to everyone for your kind words regarding my haunted windows! To answer your question, kelz, You can see all this really well from the outside. I just photographed it from the inside because the lighting is so much better for the photo. But, it only looks like this from the inside during the day. The windows get all dark at night and you can see everything, but not with the cool "backlit" effect. My friend, Sharyn, decided to give this a try herself, and she photographed her window from the outside at night. To get an idea of what the effect is like from the outside, go to her blog: http://sharyntormanen.typepad.com/be_good_/2008/10/im-such-a-cath-wannabe.html


Wowza! This window display is amazing! :D


That is amazing! Your eyes are also amazing! I am cracking up, becasuew e have the same thing, but witches and skeletons. The girls LOVE them! Seriously though...what a beautiful job! Quitely!

~ Junkyard Jennifer

I just stopped over from Sharyn's blog. I love this idea! It looks awesome, you did a great job. I'm going to have to give it a shot some year!

~ Jennifer

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